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The First Facebook Chatbot to Detect Fake Messages

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In today’s world of information overload, it is difficult to distinguish between the truth and misinformation. Different sources provide different perspectives on a situation and many times it can be really confusing.

For the creator of the Seesame project, we have developed a conspiracy chatbot called Checkbot, to which you can send a link to an article and the chatbot will tell you if there is anything suspicious or misleading about it.

How did we program the chatbot?

Today there is already a database of well-known conspiracy websites on the Internet. When you send a message to Checkbot with a link to an article on a specific site, chatbot first checks this site database and gives you a result. Also, if an article is on one of the conspiracy sites, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the article also contains misinformation, so there are additional checks.

We consider working on a project that fights the manipulation and dissemination of misinformation as a great way to help improve society and help people evaluate in assessing received information. 

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