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A Next-Gen Telehealth Platform for U.S. Doctors and Patients

Design SW Development Infrastructure Maintenance
MyOwnDoctor Platform by Touch4IT

A Digital Solution Driving Healthcare Transformation

My Own Doctor is a telehealth platform that provides accessible healthcare for Americans. Through this platform, patients can connect with licensed healthcare providers, access online consultations, utilize health monitoring tools, obtain prescriptions, and engage in secure interactions.


Collaborating with BHV: Development And Design Partner

In this project, we joined the U.S. BHV team responsible for both the MOD and PBA projects. 

We have been selected as the client’s end-to-end software development and product design partner. The client approached us to take charge of the design and technology aspects previously handled by another supplier. The primary objective was to enhance the platform by implementing software development improvements, including design and functionality enhancements, as well as integrating with other systems.


Designing & Developing SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Solution

After taking over the project, our first step was to ensure comprehensive maintenance of the existing system built on Ruby on Rails technology. Subsequently, we actively started working on modernizing existing features and developing new system components. The goal was to optimize the platform's functionality, fine-tuning its core and secondary features, enabling users to quickly navigate and effectively work with it. We also embarked on creating a new UX/UI design for both web and mobile applications, reflecting a modern look and intuitive controls for both patients and providers.

Using Our Software Modules

Furthermore, we integrated modules from our microservice platform to introduce new features and enhance the existing ones within the platform.

  • Journal Module
  • Media Module
  • Notification Module 
  • Patient Module
  • Product Module
  • Report Module
  • Social Module
  • Token Module
  • Transaction Module
  • User Module

Integrated With Major Systems

The platform is also integrated with third-party systems such as BigMarker for teleconferencing (similar to Zoom), the Stripe payment gateway, the Firebase platform, and others.

Integrations Logo
Integrations Logo
Integrations Logo

Services We Provided

  • Product Roadmap
  • UX/UI Design
  • User Testing
  • Product & Performance Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Native Mobile Development
  • Backend Development
  • Integrations
  • DevOps
  • Manual Testing
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • SLA Support
  • High Availability Of Services

Streamlined Collaboration for Technical Clarity and Direction

We maintain a strong and ongoing partnership with the client, engaging in regular and collaborative interactions. Jointly, we contribute to outlining the complete product scope and determining its technical trajectory

Our streamlined workflows are meticulously crafted to facilitate optimal communication, ensuring that the client remains well-informed throughout. This empowers them to offer valuable input when necessary and maintain a comprehensive understanding of the project as a whole.


Leading the Way in Telemedine

Our technology and innovation partnership with our client has helped them become a leader in telemedicine innovation, and our platform is trusted by thousands of users because of its seamless experience. By providing accessible healthcare, we are helping to bridge the gap between patients and providers and making healthcare more convenient and cost-effective for all.


Trusted By One of America’s Largest Pharmacy Network

MOD Platform serves as one of the technology solutions for prominent health insurance company in the United States. They are involved in various initiatives to improve the health and well-being of their members and communities.

Tech Stack

Touch4IT Tech Stack Logo
Touch4IT Tech Stack Logo
Touch4IT Tech Stack Logo
Touch4IT Tech Stack Logo
Touch4IT Tech Stack Logo
Touch4IT Tech Stack Logo
Touch4IT Tech Stack Logo
Andre Hughes

Andre Hughes

Founder at MyOwnDoctor

We have had a positive experience working with Touch4IT. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to delivering quality results have made our collaboration seamless and productive. We recommend their services for a reliable partnership.

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